Adieu My Dear Friend

How do you react when you get a call at 2 in the night telling you that your friend is no more?
How do you console the girl for whom he was her little world ?
What do you tell her when she asks you if this is a bad dream, when both of you know it is not ?

Wish I had answers to these questions !
Wish I didn't had to come across such a situation !

But no matter how much I wish, how much I pray, how many times I pinch myself, nothing will change. Abhishek won't return.

We met last year. He being boyfriend of my very good friend, I wanted to make sure he's perfect for her. And perfect he was. Never did I come across a guy who was so much dedicated to his girl friend. He would go to any limits to fulfill her craziest wish. He pampered his "Shona" in a way no one else could. On our very first meeting we became good friends. Being in different cities we didn't meet much, we talked rarely over phone, but that communication gap was filled by our girl friends, who are best friends. So we were never out of touch. And the more I came to know about him, the more I respected him.

He was adventurous, carefree, spontaneous and impulsive. But I saw his other side also. Remember buddy the day we had a drink together in your flat ? He went emotional and discussed his life with me. He said he didn't have much time left to shape his future if he want to settle with the love of his life. Being older to him I tried to give him whatever advice I could. I could see how desperately he was working to fulfil their small dream. I said a silent prayer for them that day. Little did I know then that not all prayers are answered. I realize this today the hard way.

We owe some of the memorable moments of our life to Abhishek and his 'Shona'. 21st December, the most memorable day of our life, became special because of them. Being in different cities the only way we could celebrate together was wishing each other over phone at midnight. I went to meet her on 20th Dec. We knew that our fantasy of wishing each other face to face at midnight will not come true and we had accepted it. But there was a surprise in store for us. Abhishek and his 'Shona' made some arrangements and took us for the night show of "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'. Four of us watched that movie together. It was for the first time she was with me on that special day, all because of them. And as if that was not enough, when we came out after the movie, there was a cake and bouquet waiting for us in the car. That night while returning I saw a shooting star. I wished we four be together for ever. I was told shooting stars fulfil your wish. Was that a lie ? Forever meant just this much?

Towards the end of my college, they sent me testimonials through post. This is what he wrote for me:

Buddy what happened to your promise of being with us always ? What happened to the promise you made to your shona ? What shall I answer when she asks me why Babaji took her Bholu Baby from her ? Who will take her to Shirdi on 3rd Oct- the day you both would have completed 2 years ?

For past so many days I thought of calling you, but everyday after returning from office I told myself that I'll call tomorrow. Wish I hadn't waited so long !

Abh Yaadon Ke Kaante
Is Dil Mein Chubhte Hain
Na Dard Thaherta Hai
Na Aansoon Rukte Hain
Tumhe Dhoondh Raha Hai Pyaar
Hum Kaise Karein Iqraar
Ke Haan Tum Chale Gaye
Chithi Na Koi Sandesh
Jaane Woh Kaun Sa Desh
Jahan Tum Chale Gaye ....


komal said...

"Teri judaai ka kuch aisa aasar hua hai mujhpe...
K ab k soyee to fir uthne ki tamannah na rahi !!! "

ive lost sum1 who ws nuthin less dn ma wrld .... " ma dad " :'( ...

n i knw de pain iz unbearable n evalastin .. bt learn 2hide ur tears 4 sum1 u luv equally as whom uve lost ... smile 4dm .. diz may nt reduce ur or d'er pain bt certainly will make life taste sour dan bittr :) :( tc... !!!
- komal :)

Anonymous said...

hey anshul u made me cry again...even the words will fall short for us if we start telling whhat abhishek was for us...he is not between us now but he wll always be there witth us untill our life can i forget the day when he bought medicines for me when it was raining so heavily....the moments v spent 2gether...sometimes 1 feels so helpless...god plz gv all f us d strength 2 bear this pain.........

genie said...

May god give you all the strength ! and may his soul rest in peace !

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