".... aur fir na maine usse kaha..... arre kahan gayab ho gaye ??? Offo ghochu kya iss side se uss side koodte rehte ho mai koi bachchi thodi na hu, road cross kar lungi mai... aap na apne baare mei socho... Delhi ka traffic hai..."

"Shut up Duffer. Chup chaap khadi raho. Road cross karte time bola nai karte."

They were standing at Cannaught Place, trying to cross the road. He was feeling afraid to cross that fast traffic, with cars zooming past him. Uski city mei toa last gear daalne ka mauka hi nai milta tha. The speedometer needle hardly reached 35-40kmph there. And here !!!! Oh God !! Looks like a race is going on !!

"Hey Ghochu how long are we going to stand here ?? "
"Huh ??"
And before he could understand she took his hand in her, and in a jiffy they were on the opposite side.

"Ghochu bola tha na Delhi ka traffic hai, hum dilli waalo ke hi bas ki baat hai."
And there he was standing, cheeks red like apple.

"Hey buddy the traffic is so fast here in Hyderabad !!"
"Yeah it is."
And so saying he crossed the road in a jiffy, with no one holding his hand, and an empty feeling in his heart.


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